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Playing with the Live Camera

Discotrope Live Camera Test, August 2011 Above is a short video of Annina “dancing in the dark” to the Discotrope live camera. Since we want attendees at Discotrope dance party events to sometimes dance along with the cinema and YouTube dance stars on the Discotrope, we’re using a Kinect as our live camera. The Kinect […]

Gear Box

One tutorial warns that anyone attempting to make a gear box must be either poor or bored. I disagree. I found some gears at Walt’s Hobby. They were not totally cheap but they work well together. So. The result is a new, transparent gear box for Discotrope! The gear ratio slows down the ball. Our […]

Music music music!

(No, not that kind of music music music…. ) Just heard the first cut of Cristyn’s generative soundtrack, and it is awesome! Works great with the visuals, and gives me more ideas for developing the visuals further. I’m one of those touchy-feely hands-on kind of artists who doesn’t really get the full sense of where […]

Thanks Turbulence!

Thanks to Jo-Anne Green for mentioning us on the Networked Performance blog at Turbulence. I’m a longtime fan of Turbulence. There’s not that many places that focus on the intersection of new media and performance that pay as much attention to the performance side as the new media side. So, props to Turbulence for doing […]

Discotrope Sneak Preview video at Art Produce

Our Discotrope Sneak Preview video recently screened as part of the Art Produce Outdoor Video Screenings in San Diego – curated by Trish Stone. A really nice screening, out in the Art Produce garden, projected on the side of a building at night… come to think of it, that’s one of Discotrope’s favorite environments!

Welcome to the Discotrope Website!

Discotrope is a work in progress, and so is this website. We’ll be posting news on the development of the project here as we go along. So stayed tuned…